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In the realm of pet care, certain products stand out not just for their popularity but for their innovative approach to solving everyday problems that pet owners face. Among these, Greenies have carved a niche as a leading dental treat for pets, notably addressing the issue of dental health with a solution that’s both effective and beloved by pets. 

The story of Greenies is a testament to innovation, dedication, and a deep-rooted love for animals, spearheaded by its founders, Joe and Judy Roetheli. This article delves into the origins of Greenies, exploring how a simple quest to tackle bad pet breath transformed into a pioneering brand in pet dental care.

The Inception of Greenies

At the heart of the Greenies story is a common pet concern: dental health. Before Greenies, options for maintaining the dental hygiene of pets were limited and often inconvenient. Joe and Judy Roetheli embarked on a mission to create a product that would not only freshen their dog’s breath but also contribute to overall dental health, sparking the inception of Greenies.

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Why Dental Health? Dental issues are prevalent in pets, often leading to more serious health problems. The Roethelis recognized the gap in the market for a preventive solution that pets would enjoy.

Development and Challenges

The journey from concept to product was fraught with challenges. Early stages of development involved countless hours of research and experimentation to find the right combination of ingredients that was both safe and effective for pets.

  • Formulating the Perfect Recipe:

The initial recipes were homemade, using various combinations of ingredients to clean teeth and freshen breath without harming the pets.

  • Overcoming Production Hurdles:

Finding a way to mass-produce a consistent, quality product that met safety standards was a significant challenge.

The development process was heavily guided by veterinary science and nutrition, ensuring that Greenies were not only enjoyable for pets but also contributed positively to their health.

Breakthrough and Success

The launch of Greenies marked a significant milestone in pet dental care. The market’s initial response was overwhelmingly positive, with pet owners appreciating the dual benefits of dental hygiene and a treat pets actually wanted.

  • Educating Pet Owners: A crucial part of their strategy involved raising awareness about the importance of dental care for pets, which helped to cement the product’s place in the market.
  • Milestones and Growth: The brand rapidly grew, expanding its product line to cater to different sizes and dietary needs of pets, and earning numerous awards for its innovation.

Impact on Pet Health and Industry

invented Greenies

Greenies have had a profound impact on both pet health and the pet care industry as a whole. Setting new standards for dental health products, the brand has led by example, encouraging the development of similar products and raising awareness among pet owners about the importance of dental care.

  • Innovative Dental Care:

Greenies have introduced a fun and easy way to maintain dental hygiene, significantly reducing the prevalence of dental issues in pets.

  • Influencing Industry Practices:

The success of Greenies has spurred innovation across the pet care industry, with more companies investing in health-centric products for pets.

The Legacy of Joe and Judy Roetheli

Behind the brand’s success are its founders, Joe and Judy Roetheli, whose passion for pets and innovation drove the creation of Greenies. Their story is one of determination, creativity, and love for animals, providing inspiration for entrepreneurs and pet lovers alike.

  • From Problem to Solution: The Roethelis turned a personal pet issue into a groundbreaking product, demonstrating the power of innovative thinking in addressing everyday problems.
  • Continued Advocacy: Even after the success of Greenies, the Roethelis have remained active in pet health advocacy and philanthropy, contributing to various causes and continuing to innovate in the pet care space.


The story of Greenies is more than just the tale of a successful product; it’s a narrative about how a simple idea, fueled by love for pets and a commitment to their well-being, can revolutionize an industry. 

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Joe and Judy Roetheli’s journey from tackling their dog’s bad breath to creating a leading dental treat for pets embodies the spirit of innovation and dedication. Greenies not only improved the dental health of pets around the world but also set new standards in the pet care industry, inspiring a wave of health-focused products that benefit pets and their owners alike.

As we reflect on the impact of Greenies, it’s clear that the brand’s legacy is not just in the products it has created but in the awareness it has raised about pet health, the inspiration it provides to entrepreneurs, and the joy it brings to pets and their families. The story of Greenies is a reminder of the power of innovative thinking, the importance of pet health, and the potential for even the simplest ideas to make a significant difference in the world.

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